David Corley releases hard-hitting 'Available Light'

At the age of 53, David Corley is proving that is never too late to get started in the music industry. He has released his hard-hitting and emotional rock album Available Light. Even though it was until his later years that Corley released an album, he has been working on musical skills since his teenage years.

At the age of 20, Corley left his career at University of Georgia and started driving and delivering trucks all across the United States. It was on the road that Corley would take time to work on his music, singing and writing. Life on the road and endless nights on the highway have inspired his musical career and it comes across when fans are listening to Available Light.

The album opens with a gritty and impressive track titled after the album. It showcases how Corley can use his rough and deep musical tone to express his every emotion lyric by lyric.

Available Rose has a very soulful, at times even blues feel that is mixed in with the hard rock 'n' roll sound that is found on every track. The album feels like a complete musical journey and fans are really able to feel the emotion and creativity behind the work.

Available Rose is not an album that could have been recored by a young up and coming rock artist. Corley puts his life and emotion into every song and its clear that this is a man who has not only lived but lived an intense and passionate life. That is what is so impressive about Rose, it combines age, musical creativity and soul.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Dog Tales," "Lean" and "The End of My Run."

After listening to this album, hopefully Corley won't wait years to release another album. Corley has the talent to tell more musical stories and fully embrace his creativity as a rock 'n' roll/blues musician.

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