Indie rock group, Bike Thief, releases 'Stuck in a Dream'

Indie group, Bike Thief, has released their latest album Stuck in a Dream. This album arrives at a unique time in the music industry when rock bands seem to be transitioning towards a more songwriting-indie focus. Bike Thief combines their ability to use subtle instrumentals to highlight the musicianship of each band member through songwriting, composition and creativity.

The Bike Thief is comprised of Febian, Greg, Steven, Patrick and Tom and the band is originally from Portland, Oregon. It is clear that the band pulled from a variety of influences. At times their latest effort has hints of Arcade Fire, The Decemberists mixed in with that of King Crimson or David Bowie.

It is the bands willingness to experiment with different instruments while exploring their musical creativity which helps to make Stuck in a Dream an album that stands out in the indie rock industry.

Stuck in a Dream opens with the track "A Breath." It features a unique blend of instrumentals that really help to set the tone of this album. At times the music comes across as whimsical yet haunting. It is that ability to combine different musical tones to express their emotions that gives this album re-listening ability. With each listening, track-by-track, the audience will find subtle differences between tracks and sounds that were not noticed before. It is the subtle ability to mix and combine such a wide range of instruments that makes their sound different than everything else in the indie rock category that is currently on the airwaves.

This album is a strong sampling of what fans would be able to hear at a show. Stuck in a Dream is an extension of the group's live show instead of a completely separate album, which most pop albums feel like. This has a natural and organic flow from track to track and really highlights a unique point of a view that the band brings. They are not afraid to use big instrumentals at times and subtle ones in the same track.

Each member has the ability to express themselves through their art but when the music comes together it feels like a cohesive and passionate vision. This album is a complete picture instead of individual singles. With this unique vision and impressive instrumentals, it is no surprise that the Bike Thief will be a group to watch in 2015.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Ghosts of Providence," "Tide of Reason" and "Shimmer." The lyrics on Stuck in a Dream were written by Febian Perez.

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