Neil Degrasse Tyson gets Twitter riled up with Christmas Day tweets

Neil Degrasse Tyson is devoted to science, so the birthday he was celebrating on Christmas Day wasn’t the same one most others were. Instead, he was praising the work of Sir Isaac Newton, who was born over 370 years ago on Thursday. As he should have expected, that got quite a few people angry.

Tyson started off by asking what Jews and Muslims call Dec. 25. “ANSWER: Thursday,” he wrote. The message was retweeted over 3,600 times and favorited over 7,200 times.

That was followed by a “Happy Birthday” message for Newton.

Tyson must have not been happy with what he got under the Christmas tree, since he really turned into a Grinch with his next tweet.

Next, he suggested that Santa knows physics because he picked Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer to lead his sled, instead of a blue-nosed reindeer.

As CBS News points out, Tyson received several complaints from his 2.85 million followers. Some called him a real-life Scrooge, others called him a bigot. A few others called him out for trolling Christmas.

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