Michelle Williams confronts Mike Huckabee about Beyonce comments on 'The View' (Video)

Michelle Williams is coming to her Destiny’s Child group member Beyonce’s defense when it comes to Mike Huckabee’s comments about in his book God, Guns, Grits and Gravy. She confronted him face-to-face on The View Thursday.

In the book, Huckabee wrote that Beyonce’s husband Jay Z is a “pimp” who is “exploiting his wife as a sex object.”

While Williams was co-hosting, Huckabee tried to explain his comments but didn’t get the best reaction from the panel.

“Interestingly, I’ve had so much uproar over half a page in my book,” he said. “And I say she’s the most amazing singer, great set of pipes, unbelievable dancer, and she doesn’t need to do songs like ‘Partition’ and ‘Drunk in Love’ in order to be an amazing and effective talent.”

Us Weekly reports Williams responded by calling his comments “very, very low,” vouching for the talent Beyonce has as she grew up with her in Destiny’s Child.

She referenced Beyonce’s record-breaking self-titled album, saying she had some “freedom” in her career that allowed her to “do some songs she has always wanted to do, to shed that ‘I’m a good girl’ [image].”

Williams went on to tell Huckabee she was “offended” by what he wrote. “I’m not the Carter spokesperson — but to hear some of those comments that you said, I thought were very, very low,” she said.

She wasn’t the only one to take him to task on the comments, as Jon Stewart stuck up for Beyonce while Huckabee was on the Daily Show recently.

image via Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com

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