Roger Goodell provides state of the union, snaps at Rachel Nichols (Video)

On the final day of Super Week, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was the last to speak to the media. He addressed them with a state of the union.

According to CBS Sports, Goodell's annual Super Bowl appearance lasted 48-minutes and provided a few noteworthy bullet points.

The first and most important issue Goodell addressed was that of Deflate-Gate. He made it very clear that no decision has yet been made surrounding the highly-debated controversy.

He also added that the Ted Wells investigation will be critical in deciding the New England Patriots fate in the matter.

As you could imagine, with an auditorium-like room filled with reporters and media members alike, many topics were hit during the press conference.

Another one of these surrounded the case of the NFL understanding and taking appropriate measures against cases of domestic violence.

Goodell apparently feels he and the league have done a good job since the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson cases broke earlier in the year.

Interestingly enough though, as USA Today explains, when a woman, Rachel Nichols of CNN, asked a very legitimate question, he seemed to puff up. His bullish attitude was on full display in response to Nichols.

Among the entire media audience, it was Nichols who asked the best and most legitimate question. Like Goodell and the NFL usually does though, they start to attack when legitimate questions are asked.

Scott Wells works for a firm that the NFL is in bed with. The same could be said about Robert Mueller who the NFL hired during the Ray Rice investigation.

Unfortunately, for an organization that has such an amazing product, way too many questions remain regarding the way they do business. Too many people fell they are completely transparent and only operate with money on the mind.

Many feel Goodell has a long way to go to reverse that popular thinking.

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