Season 3 of ‘The Americans’ recap: ‘EST Men’

FX’s popular show about KGB spies is back. “The Americans” follows the lives of KGB spies that live in America and blend in with the American people. Philip and Elizabeth Jennings go back and forth between raising their children and serving Mother Russia. In season 2, Philip and Elizabeth found out that the KGB wants their daughter Paige to join next. Elizabeth thinks that this is just the thing their daughter needs however, Philip disagrees. Who would decide Paige’s future? What other obstacles would Philip and Elizabeth find this season?

The episode opens with Elizabeth’s flashback of her throwing Paige into a swimming pool. After the pool flashback, Elizabeth is undercover at a bar with a lady from the CIA. She chats to Elizabeth about her only CIA operation. After her sad tale, she passes Elizabeth a note while talking down on the CIA. Leaving Elizabeth the CIA woman calls on a payphone letting someone know she’s done something terrible. After her call, she joins Elizabeth but Elizabeth leaves and begins her walk home. Back at the bar, the CIA lady describes Elizabeth to the FBI. They track down Ms. Jennings who tries to fight them off. A mystery motorcycle man runs them down and Elizabeth escapes.
Stan, the Jennings’ FBI neighbor, is at a seminar with Philip. Stan is trying to reconnect with his wife by taking the seminar she was into. Elizabeth is caring for her hurt shoulder when Philip and Stan come into the house. Philip comes up with an excuse to get Stan out so he can talk to Elizabeth. She tells him about the note she got from the CIA lady which is a list of names. However, she lost it
The next day, Elizabeth heads to church with Paige. They work on flyers together till Paige is sent to help set up food. After church, Philip and Elizabeth visit a Gabriel. He cooks the couple a meal while he sees pictures of their kids. Gabriel talks about how bad Russia is and Elizabeth apologizes for the missing list. Russia is in Afghanistan as Gabriel informs them. The next topic is Paige and the possibility of her joining them. Philip doesn’t like the idea and Elizabeth talks about her trips with Paige to church. Elizabeth is getting close to Paige in hopes that it will be easier to tell her daughter the truth about her and Philip.
Oleg is upset about what happened to Nina. She didn’t report all her meetings with Stan and it’s possible she was on the American’s side. Oleg wishes still wants to help her and has talked to his father who disagrees with what Nina did.
Stan is delivering boxes to his wife who has moved out of the house. Stan tells her about his seminar but she finds out he didn’t listen to it. Stan admits he thought it was a waste of time which is makes things worse with his wife.
Philip and Elizabeth are at work at the travel agency where she gives her husband a brownie. Elizabeth talks about the recording Gabriel had. Elizabeth’s mother is dying.
The FBI is discussing a plan to secure an official from the US Canada institute. The KGB will be after her so it is Stan’s job to keep her safe with his FBI team.
Annelise is back to help Philip get info from the CIA. Philip is listening in on Annelise in bed another man. However, he gets the impression she is lying to him and begins to strangle her. Philip comes into the room but it’s too late. Annelise is dead.
Things are heating up for the fake American family. What does the death of the Soviet President, Leonid Brezhnev mean for Russia? This will come into play this season. Stay tune to “The Americans” on FX on Wednesday nights.

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