Top 10 Super Bowl commercials of all time

On Super Bowl Sunday, people around the country gather together to snack, root for a team, and watch the big game. Although football is certainly the reason for the occasion, some enjoy watching the commercials as much (if not more) than the game itself.

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Buying an ad for the game is an expensive choice. According to Forbes, 30 seconds this year is 4 million dollars. However, that money is well spent for many companies as an expected 100 million people will be watching, according to International Business Times.

All of the focus on the Super Bowl has caused companies and organizations to attempt the best ideas for their commercials. This has made the quality of the commercials the best in the course of the year. Thus, it is surprising but understandable that 78 percent of viewers prefer the ads over the game, according to USA Today. Here are some of the best commercials from years ago and recent times.

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