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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Recap: “Awakening”

Abbie and Ichabod are at a book store searching for rare books but are so far unsuccessful. They know that destroying Jefferson’s Fenestela was the right thing to do, but they wish they could have retrieved more information. They promise to keep their bond as witnesses above anything else.

We see several different groups of people having arguments when everything starts to shake and several people have their eyes roll back in their head and appear possessed. We see Henry standing outside…appearing to be behind these actions.

Jenny meets up with Ichabod and Abbie at the police station where she tells them the truth about Irving. He wants Jenny to protect his family from him and they figure they must capture Irving the same way they capture the Headless Horseman. Ichabod has a theory about the sound of a tolling bell and its connection to people being able to use witchcraft. They recall several people they have encountered in the past.

The Liberty Bell was damaged in 1846…and Ichabod admits that he was partially responsible for this. He used a diversion and set an explosion with black powder explosives. The bells ringing seem to cause people to have the ability to use witchcraft. Abbie says they need Katrina if they are going to solve this problem with witches. Ichabod replies that Katrina hasn’t been right since her interaction with Solomon Kent.

We see Katrina battling her own demons and seemingly torn between good and evil. Henry appears and praises her for learning blood magic. He says he killed Moloch to save her life. Katrina is happy he is alive but very skeptical of his true intentions.

Ichabod reveals that Sleepy Hollow had a very strong coven of witches in the past and that this particular bell has a connection to witchcraft and it is a symbol associated with the ritual of the Awakening. This sparks the power of those with witch heritage. Ichabod says he can make another explosive that can destroy the bell.

Katrina visits Henry at Fredrick’s Manor and while skeptical to believe him, Henry continues to convince her that he has changed. He gives Katrina the book containing the most powerful and dangerous enchantments. Henry has found a path to the Awakening ritual and says only a pure blood witch can perform it. Henry tells Katrina if she rings the bell, she can awaken the coven. Henry hopes for the two of them to lead the coven of witches. Katrina seems slightly tempted to take this deal.

Ichabod and Abbie purchase supplies to make the black powder explosives. Ichabod knows of a tunnel entrance where they can place to bell to destroy it. That night Abbie, Ichabod and Jenny are pushing the bell into the tunnel when Irving starts shooting at them. Jenny chases after Irving and a shootout between the two breaks out. Jenny shoots Irving point blank in the chase. Irving gets up, his eyes black and he chases after Jenny.

Ichabod and Abbie are stunned to see Henry and Katrina approach them together. Katrina informs Ichabod that she has faith in Henry and has aligned herself with him. Ichabod is horrified as he hears their plan to raise the coven. Ichabod tries to reason with Katrina, that she is feeling guilt. Katrina says she is making this choice herself and that the Awakening will happen tonight when her powers are strong enough. She then secures the bell and traps Ichabod and Abbie in the tunnel.

Ichabod and Abbie navigate the tunnels to try and secure the bell while Ichabod is still processing Katrina’s decision. Ichabod says Henry is the heart of all this and must be taken out. They discover that they will hide the witch bell at the old Sleepy Hollow Town Hall. Ichabod suggests another diversion to win this battle.

Katrina and Henry arrive at the old Town Hall with the witch bell. Ichabod is outside and calls out Henry. Henry comes outside and Abbie and Ichabod draw their guns on Henry. Ichabod shoots at Henry but he stops the bullet. They argue as Abbie drives the car towards Henry. Katrina stops the car then destroys the car…with Abbie inside.

Ichabod is horrified as the car continues to burn. He pleads with Katrina to stop as Henry discovers that the car is empty. We see Abbie preparing the explosives on the witch bell as Henry arrives and stops her.

Irving continues to purse Jenny through the tunnels. Jenny traps Irving inside the same chamber where they capture the Headless Horseman.

Katrina and Henry are preparing the Awakening ceremony while Ichabod and Abbie are tied up prisoner. They start the ceremony as the bell begins to ring and witches start to rise throughout Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod and Abbie are able to free themselves and Ichabod believes that if Henry can bleed, he might be mortal. They free themselves and Ichabod shoots at Henry…which he stops. Then Abbie shoots Henry in the chest.

Ichabod, Katrina and Henry spend one more moment together as Henry dies. Henry orders Katrina to save the bell. Once Henry dies…we see his control of Irving and his soul leave Irving and Irving is returned to his old self.

Katrina is devastated with Henry’s death and threatens and damns Ichabod. She blames everything wrong with her life on Ichabod and proceeds to chant the Traveler’s Spell. She opens a vortex and walks inside and Abbie chases after inside. They both disappear after the vortex closes. Ichabod is left alone in the room.

Abbie wakes up in the forest, very confused and wondering where she is. She yells for Katrina and an old horse carriage rides by. We see a sign that she walks past that says ‘Welcome to the Village of Sleepy Hollow.’

Katrina comes to and realizes that the Travelers’ Spell worked. She is back in her own time and is looking for Ichabod. Abbie realizes that the year is 1781 as citizens look on in confusion. Abbie is quickly arrested and claims her innocence.

In jail, Abbie claims that she has information that can end this war. The men ask her what it is and she says she will only speak to one man….Captain Ichabod Crane.

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