Must Watch Videos–Jennifer Lopez, Frozen, Glee–March 23, 2015

Monday’s are often hard. Everyone has been enjoying the weekend but come Monday morning once that alarm goes off, the workweek kicks in. So while you are sitting at your office job, heading into school or out and about; is picking this weeks must watch music videos on YouTube, just to provide that extra piece of motivation to the week.

This week features country music taking over with new music videos from, Casey James, Eric Paslay, Sam Hunt and female country superstar, Miranda Lambert. Lambert has released “Little Red Wagon” and her sassy, powerful personality comes across in the fun, yet over the top video. The men on this countdown show off a more serious side in their videos and showcase their up and coming musical talent. Taking the top spot is Mumford and Sons with their new single “Believe.” The single features the band’s first electric effort.

This countdown also features a music video that was directed by The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus. What are you watching this week and what is your favorite video on this countdown? Let us know which music videos you are watching and which is your favorite video out of our top ten recap.

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10. Anthem Lights- Don’t Stop Believing (cover)

Anthem Lights are known for their unique YouTube mashups of popular artists from One Republic to Taylor Swift but now the band is slowing things down and covering a classic Journey tune. In honor of Glee wrapping up and discovering this new YouTube cover talent, Anthem Lights has made the countdown this week.

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9. Kip Moore- I’m To Blame

Country star Kip Moore has released his latest single, “I’m To Blame.” The song is more upbeat than his usual country singles but shows off his personality and ability to keep writing catchy hooks.

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8. Big & Rich-Lovin’ Lately (featuring Tim McGraw)

Country group, Big & Rich has reunited and are releasing new singles. “Lovin’ Lately,” features Tim McGraw and combines some great country talent. The music video compliments the songs soulful style and emotion, which is what Big & Rich is known for. They can capture any emotion and make their songs relatable.

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7. Ricky Martin-Disparo al Corazon

Ricky Martin is back with a brand new Spanish single, “Disparo al Corazon.” Despite it being in Spanish, the song stills bring out that smooth vocal range of Martin. Martin has always been a very talented musician and these simple songs bring out his tone, ability to tell a story through his performance and natural talent. It is nice to hear Martin return to his roots and simple vocal talent.

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6. Tyler Ward-Sugar

Tyler Ward is known for taking over YouTube with his covers and has recently been taking popular singles and stripped them down to acoustic “simple sessions.” Most recently Ward performed “Sugar” by Maroon 5 and the simple song is a must check out this week on YouTube.

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5. Jack Savoretti-The Other Side of Love

Jack Savoretti has released the visual companion to his single, “The Other Side of Love.” The video captures the intensity, excitement and passion behind the song, which elevates it to another level. Savoretti is one to watch in the music industry because he has raw talent, a gritty tone and is able to capture his musical vision within this music video.

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4. Frozen-Making Today a Perfect Day

Frozen is back with a short before Cinderella, called Frozen Fever. The short features brand new music from our favorite Frozen characters and even gives a nod to “Let It Go.”

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3. Modest Mouse-Lampshades On Fire

Modest Mouse is back with an over the top and slightly creepy music video for their latest single, “Lampshades On Fire.” Modest Mouse has never been one to think inside of a box and breaks visual and audio boundaries with “Lampshades On Fire.”

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2. Jennifer Lopez-Feel The Light

Jennifer Lopez has released the latest music video for her single, “Feel The Light.”
Lopez looks stunning in the video and it captures her natural energy. Lopez continues on with her powerful career and is showing that she won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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1. Glee Cast-I Lived

Glee has ended after six seasons. The show concluded with new and old group members coming together at the William McKinley and performing “I Lived” by One Republic.

Read our thank you letter to Glee, as we look back on six seasons and everything that the show has taught us.

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