SXSW: Jenna Ushkowitz talks about her first time as executive producer

[RM_Form id='1']You know her as Tina Cohen from the musical comedy-drama television series Glee, but Jenna Ushkowitz has more than just singing and acting skills. For her first time ever, the 28-year-old actress went behind the scenes and helped produced a new film called, TWINSTERS, that premiered this past weekend at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX.

Picking up ideas and advice from her producers in Glee, TWINSTERS has been Ushkowitz's first project she's helped executive produced. Her experience you ask? Fun and enjoyable.

"It's really interesting. You just use a different part of your brain you know, its like wearing a different hat." Ushkowitz said. "It's really exciting like it's sort of a different creative process and it's kind of nice being off camera for a while. I get to use the business side of my brain. So it's been really fun."

TWINSTERS, a documentary that shares the lives of two adopted sisters raised in different continents find themselves through social media and come to believe that they are sisters separated at birth.

"Twinsters is basically the Twitter version," said Ushkowitz. "Sam and Anais were both Korean adoptees and they were separated at birth and brought up on different continents and then brought together by social media by Facebook, and now we're continuing to live their lives through technology and just like having this life changing experience."

So will we see more films be produced by Ushkowitz? Definitely.

"I absolutely want to continue to do this. I really like the idea of developing things, so nothing quite in the works just yet, but definitely in the future.

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