Abigail Breslin defends Selena Gomez over bikini pictures

After photos of Selena Gomez’s bikini body on Instagram, she dealt with a barrage of insults about her body. While Gomez already had the perfect response to the haters, fellow former child star Abigail Breslin is also sticking up for her.

The issue started earlier this month when a photo of Gomez, 22, in a pink bikini in Mexico surfaced and instantly caused questions about her weight. But, a day later, Gomez posted another picture of herself in a bikini on Instagram, with the caption, “I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove.” Clearly, she’s happy with herself and couldn’t care what others think.

Brelsin, 19, added her own thoughts on her blog, Mixtapes & Winter Coats, notes People. She called all the online comments about her bikini “ridiculous” and said that no one should judge. She also called on the media for even doing reports on Gomez’s body.

“How are young girls supposed to grow up normally and not feel bad about themselves and not develop eating disorders if it’s literally national headline news that a THIN girl may or may not have put on a few pounds, and YET still remains THIN?” the Little Miss Sunshine star wrote. “I think if we all took the time we spend making each other feel bad about ourselves and used it to make each other feel good, the world would be a better place. Oh and also if we taught girls they had more newsworthy qualities than how they fit into a bikini, we’d have a lot more happy girls.”

Breslin finished up the post by writing, “Selena, you look amazing and more importantly look like you’re having fun. Keep rocking those bikinis.”

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