Sophia Bush's Top 10 film and TV roles

Sexy, sultry and raspy-voiced Sophia Bush is a mesmerizing actress with unique features, a body admired by many, the cutest dimples and a history in television and film dating back nearly 15 years.

Bush, currently a series regular on NBC’s Chicago P.D., plays Detective Erin Lindsay, who had a shady past being unfortunately the biological child to a drug user, so she took to the streets until Hank Voight rescued her from herself and changed her life. He acted like the parental figure she was missing in her life, guiding her as she grew up. Today, Lindsay is a detective working in the Intelligence Unit within District 21 led by Voight. Bush brings an intense yet vulnerable quality to her character that makes us love Detective Lindsay.

Through the years, she has played some diverse characters.

Bush has a keen fashion sense and her outfits are always talked about and admired.

In recent news, Bush attended the White House Correspondents Dinner hours after learning that her close friend, Dan Fredinburg, had died in a Mount Everest avalanche caused by the earthquake in Nepal.

Showing Bush some love by strolling through her top 10 film and television roles won’t bring Fredinburg back, but we can let her fans adore her body of work and choices in roles. Take a look and see what goodies we found.

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