Lexus reveals video of their hoverboard in action

Back in June, Lexus told the world that they were in the process of creating a hoverboard. Although many thought that the whole thing was fake, Lexus proves that they are not joking around.

The first video of the hoverboard only showed a skater stepping onto it for a brief second.

Now in the second video, it actually shows people riding around on the hoverboard in a skate park.

A group of skaters test out the board, and it proves to be pretty tricky at first. There are a couple of stumbles, but soon they get the hang of it.

According to the Lexus site, the board uses superconductors, magnets, and liquid nitrogen to get the hover affect.

The only problem is, the board must be placed on a track with magnets in it. This means that it only works on custom skate parks that fulfill the hover board’s requirements.

But if it makes people feel better, the board can also work over water in the magnetic park.

The company is still working on ways to improve the board and possibly make it more accessible to the public, but for now people can watch all the progress they made in their new video.

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