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M&Ms introduces new pumpkin spice latte flavor for fall

The pumpkin spice craze is on the verge of starting, and a new pumpkin flavored product will hit the shelves this fall: pumpkin spice latte flavored M&Ms.

We get how the M&Ms can be pumpkin flavored, but where does the “latte” part come in? It’s likely that our favorite chocolate candies will be creamier, or maybe even have a hint of coffee flavor. The bag depicts a brown M&M wearing a scarf and holding a latte in her hand.

Consumerist reports they’ve already been spotted at Target, and they might be exclusively sold there.

Earlier this month it was revealed there would be pecan pie flavored M&Ms available this fall.

Peeps has embraced the pumpkin spice fall craze this year as well. Which product do you think will be next?

image via Twitter from People

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