Pecan Pie M&Ms have hit shelves as summer fades away and fall comes back soon

With summer coming to an end and fall fast approaching, the flavors of the new season have been peeking their way back in. The newest is the new M&M flavor, Pecan Pie.

This limited edition flavor is now available, spotted in some stores as early as Tuesday of this week. The 9.9 oz. bags are approximately $2.98, depending on your location.

E! Online reports people who saw the Pecan Pie-flavored M&Ms started reporting the sightings on Twitter, and the company then confirmed the reports.

M&Ms have been sold in unconventional, limited edition flavors before so this is no surprise. Past flavors include Candy Corn, Mint and Coconut.

With the fall comes flavors like pumpkin spice, which is the theme Peeps has embraced this season. On Aug. 31, Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Apple and Candy Corn flavored Peeps will become available.

Last year, Starbucks even released their pumpkin spice latte early due to high demand.

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