Sofia Coppola, Kirsten Dunst potentially set to reunite for 2016 film (Rumor)

Sofia Coppola recently reunited with her Lost in Translation star Bill Murray to make her upcoming Netflix Christmas special A Very Murray Christmas, but the reunion train may leave the station again. The filmmaker hopes to work with her Virgin Suicides/Marie Antoinette lead Kirsten Dunst again for an upcoming 2016 movie, if recent reports are to be believed.

The rumors originated from an interview Dunst gave to Town & Country where she offhandedly mentioned talk of a third film with Coppola for next year. Whether this means it'll be filmed and released at this time or if that's when they hope to begin production is unclear. Also uncertain is what project this undisclosed movie could be.

Regarding the latter, however, The Playlist speculates it could be Fairyland, a feature based on Alysia Abbott's memoir of the same name, which The Bling Ring director optioned back in 2013. Like the book, the film would center on a relationship shared between the author and her bisexual father in San Francisco on the on-set of the AIDS crisis. Though Coppola, at the time, only signed on to co-write the adaptation with Andrew Durham, it's quite possible she decided to helm the feature too, especially since she ditched her one-time follow-up film, Universal's live-action The Little Mermaid re-telling, in June.

Though Dunst would seem a little old to play the lead character (Alysia is a child throughout a large portion of her memoir, but she could share the role with a child for the later portions of the story), the possibility of her playing a supporting character isn't off-the-table. Of course, Dunst and Coppola may be cooking up a different movie altogether. Coppola likes to keep a low profile, so having her work on a secret project wouldn't come as a huge surprise. Regardless, they're talking at least, and that's a healthy start. Though Marie Antoinette didn't necessarily come together as fruitfully as it should, Coppola did get a very good performance out of her lead actress, and they did exceptional work together in their 1999 film together, so they're a great partnership when they put their best foots forward. Hopefully that's the case for this one too, should it actually come to be.

Whether she stars under Coppola's direction again or not, Dunst nevertheless has a promising line-up coming up in the next few months. For instance, she stars in the latest season of Fargo momentarily. Then, not long after that, she's featured in Jeff Nichols' (Mud, Take Shelter) latest Midnight Special, coming to theaters on March 18, 2016, and additionally in Woodstock sometime next year as well.

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