Bill Hader is 'funny as hell' as 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' captain, says Andy Samberg

Reunited and it feels so good. Andy Samberg and Bill Hader are working together once again.

Earlier this summer it was announced that Hader would be guest starring on Samberg’s Fox television series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The two worked with one another on Saturday Night Live, and now Samberg is talking about his new “boss.”

Hader will play the new captain of the ninety-ninth precinct, and the boss of Samberg’s Detective Jake Perelta. Samberg told Entertainment Weekly, “Captain Doezerman [Hader] is a severely anal-retentive personality. He is not an obvious fit with the precinct—and Jake in particular—but Jake does his best to acclimate.”

When asked about his SNL costar Samberg doled out praise. “Bill is funny as hell in the role. Doezerman is a borderline lunatic, so in a lot of ways he fits well in the Nine-Nine. It was great to see Bill and work together again. It’s basically ‘Laser Cats” set in the past with a way bigger budget,” Samberg said.

The season premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Sept. 27 on Fox.

Hader was the male lead in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck this summer. Samberg is set to host the Emmys on Sept. 20. Check out the top 10 best Andy Samberg SNL sketches.


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