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Donald Trump agrees to endorse Republican presidential candidate, even if it’s not him (Report)

After refusing to rule out an Independent run for the oval office during the first Republican presidential debate last month, a report claims that Donald Trump will sign a ‘loyalty pledge’ Thursday. That means he will support a GOP candidate, even if it is not him.

A source told Politico today that Trump will sign the pledge, which will keep him from running as a third party candidate in November 2016 if he does not win the Republican nomination. He would not take such a pledge at the Fox News debate on Aug. 6 and insisted later that he will still keep the door to an Independent run open.

Trump is currently leading in most Republican polls, but taking the pledge would really be a sign that he is seriously running for president, in case anyone still thought this was just a stunt.

“The rationale is that they have treated him fairly,” Politico’s source said. “He’s willing to sign it to avert any problems with is state filings – South Carolina asked for a pledge to support the nominee if you’re on the ballot.”

Trump hasn’t commented about the report yet campaign manager Corey Lewandowski would not confirm it. Considering how Trump often surprises everyone, he might wake up tomorrow and decide not to sign any pledge.

image courtesy of Kamil Krzaczynski/INFphoto.com

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