Judge officially approves Caitlyn Jenner's name, gender change in Los Angeles court

A judge in Los Angeles Superior Court has officially approved the name and gender change of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner.

As we previously reported, Jenner took the first steps to legally change her name earlier this month.

According to TMZ, it’s already been approved as of Friday. Jenner was not in court herself but her attorneys were there on her behalf.

The former Olympian legally changed her name from William Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Marie Jenner.

Her request to keep her medical history sealed was accepted, with Jenner citing in the court documents that she had received threats and “unwelcome negative attention" from some.

Jenner introduced herself to the world as Caitlyn for the first time on the cover of Vanity Fair on July 1 after her interview with Diane Sawyer aired in April.

While the judge also approved a gender change in court on Friday, it wasn’t discussed openly in court out of respect.

image via INFphoto.com

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