10 reasons we loved 'Boy Meets World'

Now that we finally have an actual daughter (Rowan Blanchard) cast for married lovebirds Cory and Topanga Matthews (Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel) for the Disney spinoff of Boy Meets World, our nostalgia for the classic ’90s sitcom can continue to be appeased.

We trust OC (that’s ‘original creator’) Michael Jacobs in making something so diamond-precious that won’t tarnish our faithful memories of Cory Matthews’ growing up and meeting the world through his friends, family and perennial teacher Mr. Feeny (William Daniels).

So here are some moments to relive before the anticipated spinoff makes some more of its own. It's cool we have some new characters (no cheap, Disney Channel-fied jokes, please), but even cooler we'll hopefully, maybe get to see more of this:

1. We all wanted our own Mr. Feeny.

Image: Facebook.

First and foremost: Look at that man. See that mustache? Those (missing) thick frames? That cardigan? That grumpy-cat frown? Behind all of that stern, authoritarian of a grandpa with a megaphone was the gardening, charming Santa Claus, who taught his favorite students the life lessons they would need for their journey to adulthood.

2. The love story of teenage love stories:

The boy who doesn’t want to grow up or do his homework and the big-haired girl who drew lipstick on her face and prayed to nature spirits? Never would’ve seen that coming. Three breakups (we all hated Lauren for what she did), two engagements and a marriage later, these neurotic two first taught us love was possible. Even at the age of 6 when you meet your soul mate while stuck on the monkey bars — that can be true love. Ross and Rachel? Sam and Diane? Nope, it was Cory and Topanga all the way.

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3. Eric Matthews starts the Feeny call, and more.

I don’t know how this character happened, but I’m so thankful he did. Apparently the writers realized, much like Joey Tribbiani, that dumbing down brother Eric (Will Friedle) made things 100-times more funny. Fact. So as the gang got older, Eric lost pretty much all of his intelligence and made up for it exponentially by getting more cartoonish. Like hiding in food displays and paintings to get revenge on “Opangatay” for beating him up:

4. The show understood the concept of continuity, then promptly chucked it out the window.
Remember when the first season was in sixth grade, and then the next year they were in high school? And when Topanga was suddenly the most normal one? Oh, and how Shawn (Rider Strong) had a random half-brother and Topanga had a sister (Nebula) that one time? And exactly where did first season's Minkus go?
So. Many. Questions. But when you watch this at 10, you have no idea how important that stuff really is. This show never pretended to be a cerebral Arrested Development sitcom — in fact, quite the polar opposite of the latter heralded for its continuity.
And then it totally made fun of itself that one or two times:
Like when Morgan (played by a different actress) showed up a year later with, “That was the longest time-out I’ve ever had!” And she got funnier.
And when Minkus returned:

5. We got ‘beautiful’ moments like these:

Image: Facebook

Shawn and Cory had to prove a point about men vs. women or something in the high school days. Shawn got hit on a lot, probably he looks surprisingly great in a dress.

6. The series, in later years, wasn’t afraid to deal with moments such as this:
Keep a tissue close if you’re extra-feels lately.

And the serious time Shawn joined a cult (what?), and Mr. Turner had to save him, and then got into a motorcycle accident. Lots of serious stuff happened to Shawn, like his mother running away, and thankfully people were always around him to get him through it all.

8. Topanga Lawrence was one hot, awesome lady.

Just because reasons. Topanga Lawrence is just the better half of these soulmates, going from the weirdest girl ever to the mature valedictorian of their class and the very hot pants of hers and Cory’s marriage. Especially when she cut her hair and was all, “I’m so at the mall” for one episode.

Fishel is doing pretty well these days for Boy Meets World alum, too, with hosting gigs for The Dish and Last Night on TV. She apparently dated her co-star Rider Strong (Shawn), but thankfully that didn’t last.

9. Cory and Shawn had a ‘bromance’ before that was a thing.

These two were the heart and soul of the show. If it weren’t for their girlfriends, they definitely would’ve been an item. Hopefully Rider Strong makes an appearance on the new show, or it just won’t be the same.

10. When the gang says goodbye to their teacher, and we all said, “Goodbye, Mr. Feeny.”

I bawl like an Eric-man-child every time I watch this scene from the finale, when the core four all decide to go to big scary New York City (where Topanga gets an internship), which isn’t even that far, guys. They all have their personal goodbyes with the teacher who’s refused to talk to another student for seven years, and one big secret of Cory’s is revealed. Fee-nay leaves their original classroom one last time, saying, “Class dismissed.”

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