Celtics move forward without Rajon Rondo

Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo is out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL. The question is what will the Celtics do without their star that keeps the offense running.

Rondo was the guy that brought the ball up the court and ran the offense. He was getting his whole team involved both inside and out. Now they will most likely rely on Paul Pierce to be the ball handler. They no longer have an official point guard. According to the Boston Herald, head coach Doc Rivers said, "It’s just basketball. There’s no point guard. It’s basketball by committee. I had some teams in Orlando – Darryl Armstrong was my point guard, and he’s a little like JET (Jason Terry). Grant Hill brought it up sometimes. We had the year with Grant Hill, Mike Miller and Darryl Armstrong and whoever brought it up brought it up. It didn’t hurt us at all, we scored a ton of points. We just didn’t have a lot more talent after that."

Now that the Celtics' chances of winning it all are even less and since Rondo is out, they must look towards the future. The Bleacher Report cites that Pierce and Kevin Garnett are the only big tradable players that could spare Boston a long time of losing seasons. They certainly can’t beat the top teams like the Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls in a seven game series. The trade deadline is in the middle of February, so they can either trade some players and build for the future, or risk the future.

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