Top 10 Celebrity Do-Gooders

It seems like at least once a month we hear about a celebrity that has done a good deed in one way or another. There are a few that seem to right away pop into our head but you would be surprised to know that there are a lot more then ten celebrity do gooders out there in the world.

10. Jennifer Lawrence
In the summer months of 2012 Jennifer Lawrence was going to be taking her dog for walk when she noticed there was a women who was collapsed in the front yard. She then went to the person to help her as someone else called 911 for more help.

9. Zoe Saldana
Here is another one that happened in the summer months of 2012. While in Culver City, California Zoe Saldana rushed to the side of older women who had just been in a car accident. She then called 911 and while they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive she went and got the ladies handbag and sweater for her and stayed by her side.

8. Mila Kunis
While the actress was in her LA home she noticed that a worker was suffering from a severe seizure (vomiting, coughing up blood and biting through his tongue). She then thought quickly and turned his head to the side and stuck a wallet in his mouth so he wouldn’t sallow his tongue. When the ambulance was going to take him away she offered to ride with him but he declined.

7. Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder has started a foundation called Ian Somerhalder foundation. This foundation helps educate and work with people on projects to help the impact of the planet and the creatures that are on the planet.

6. Krisin Bauer van Straten
Kristin has been big on helping animals and for this hiatus of True Blood she has gone down to Africa to film a documentary about elephant ivory and rhino horn poaching trades that is still going on even tho’ it is illegal. She needed some help to raise money to be able to do this project and she was able to get help from her fans by raising money. She is currently in Africa shooting this project.

5. Sean Penn
A lot of people think that Sean Penn is a jerk. Well it turns out he really isn't. This year Sean was giving the 2012 Peace Summit Award for all of the work he did in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. He his been spending most of his time down there managing two different camps that prove homes to nearly 18,000 people.

4. Ryan Gosling
In August 2011 in New York City Ryan saw a bunch of people in a fuss over supposable stolen street painting. The argument then started to get violent that is when Ryan stepped in and got everyone settled down.

Then earlier this year Ryan was again in New York city and saw that a women was about to step into incoming traffic. He then grabbed her and stopped her from doing that.

3. Olivia Wilde
Ever since childhood Olivia Wilde has been going back to Haiti and after the earthquake in 2010 she has made it her mission to help clean up and rebuild the nation. She is also on the board member for Port-au-Prince's Artist for Peace and Justice school which help provide poverty-stricken kids with a free education. With all of this charity work she had earned a mention as one of Conde Nast Traveler's 2012 Visionaries.

2. Patrick Dempsey
Near the stars home there was a car flipped over with a teenager in it. Patrick then went and got a crow bar to pry open the doors and then pulled the teenager out to a safe spot. Once he knew they were in a safe spot he called paramedics who then had to air left the teenager to the hospital.

1. Christian Bale
After having a few yelling fits caught on camera it seems this is the year that Christian Bale has redeemed himself. Earlier this year after the shooting in Aurora, Colorado Christian Bale went to see and visit with the victims at the hospital. He also laid down flowers at the memorial people where making near the shooting.

Then just in this past month we flew a 4-year-old cancer patient and his family out to California to meet him and go to Disneyland, and Disneyland’s Club 33 for lunch.

These are just a few of the many celebrities out there that are using there name to spread out a good cause and bring attention to more important issues that is going on in the world. Of course there is a lot more celebrities that do this then just these ten. If you can think of any others and what they do feel free to tell us below.

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