Top 10 Soaps Most Shocking Moments

1. Port Charles - Vampires in Port Charles: Lucy and Kevin, through many trials and tribulations had uncovered the existence of his daughter Livvie. Yet, Lucy when began to delve into her family history, which led her to Transylvania, she learned that she was the last in a long line of vampire slayers. She found her long lost cousin, Rafe Kovich, who turned out to be an angel and revealed the existence of Michael/Caleb Morley as the last of the vampires. Lucy, Kevin and Rafe managed to vanquish Caleb but only momentarily but he returned by gaining power from the town’s fear. He planted thoughts in Lucy’s head that made her think that Kevin wanted to rekindle his relationship with Eve and that her lost daughter Christina was trying to contact her. Yet, through much adversity, secret worlds and ex-lovers/angels, Kevin and Lucy found their way back to each other. But, then a band known as The Stephen Clay Experience came to Port Charles and released a song that seemed to mesmerize the whole town except Lucy and Rafe. When the band’s front man was revealed he looked like Caleb. Lucy and Rafe then went into slayer mode to protect the town but several key residents were turned like Alison’s mother, Elizabeth and Eve’s husband Ian. Lucy, Kevin, Alison and Ian worked nonstop to vanquish Caleb once and for all. They planned submerge vampires that have fed in a healing spring that would return them to their human selves. The group planned to toss all the vampires in. Unfortunately, the plan did not go off as well as hoped because Joshua tried to blow the spring up and people were injured. Lucy also fell into the water and lost her slayer powers. Ian was unable to be healed. After many mistaken identities and revenge plots, it was ultimately Livvie, who had an on again – off again dark romance with Caleb, who plunged the stake into his heart, finally vanquishing him.

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