Top 10 Things You Didn't Know about Ryan Lochte

With the 2012 Summer Olympics in full swing, there is plenty to watch and talk about. Men’s swimming is one of the hottest sports to watch and no one is hotter than Ryan Lochte, or as I like to call him, “Hottie Lamottie with the swimmer’s body,” and if you got that Lizzie McGuire reference circa 2001, then ten points for you! And for those of you that didn’t, well then let’s just move forward, shall we?

In honor of the superstar’s 28th birthday today, here’s a list of ten things that you maybe didn’t know about Ryan Lochte!

1. He’s a gangster in paradise.

This one may be obvious if you watched the medal ceremony, but if you didn’t then this may come as a shock to you, but Ryan Lochte is about as legit as Kanye at the VMAs. He showed up sporting an American flag grill in his teeth. Yes, a grill, like the kind hip hop gods wear in their mouths in music videos. No wonder Lil Wayne is his favorite artist!

2. Even Olympians can’t hold it sometimes.

On the radio with Ryan Seacrest, Lochte admitted that he has peed in the pool at the Olympics. The swimmer said, “Not during the races, but I sure did before in warm-up.” So next time you take a dip and feel the urge, do as Lochte and let it go, just make sure I am nowhere near when you do!

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