Facebook launches tool to help exes see less of each other when relationship ends

Breaking up is hard to do, and Facebook is helping us out when it comes to facing an ex on one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. The company has announced they will launch tools to help ease us into break-ups by changing the way exes interact with each other.

After a Facebook user indicates they are no longer in a relationship, the user doesn’t have to block their ex to avoid them. Instead, Facebook will show less of their former partner’s profile picture changes and post updates. Overall, your ex won’t show up in your News Feed.

They also announced an ex’s name won’t show up in suggested friends to tag in a photo or to write a new message to. There’s also a feature that makes it easier to untag all of your photos with your former partner, or simply choose which ones you don’t want to see anymore.

These new tools will only appear on Facebook’s mobile version in the U.S. for now, but based on feedback it could be the new norm when it comes to breaking up.

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