Glenn’s fate in ‘The Walking Dead’ to be revealed soon

Glenn became one of the most popular characters in The Walking Dead series and fans hearts were broken a few weeks ago when it seemed that he was killed off. The question is still in the air but the answer is coming.

According to Comic, the answer to everyone’s big question is “right around the corner.” Ross Marquand plays Aaron on the popular TV series and he said that the showrunners are not planning to keep the suspense for the entire season.

Since the episode where Glenn apparently died a few weeks ago, fans have been coming up with their own explanations and theories as to what actually happened. Is he dead? Did he escape? Right now it is not really known.

The show is based off the comics and in the comics, Glenn is killed by another foe who is joining the cast. As we previously reported, Negan will be joining the cast, played by Jeffery Dean Morgan, and fans are speculating that is the reason Glenn has to be alive.

The Walking Dead can be seen on AMC on Sundays at 9pm.

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