Jennifer Lawrence terrified to try live theater

Academy Award winner and The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence won't be taking to the Broadway stage anytime soon.

During a recent interview with Vogue, Lawrence explained that she would be terrified to perform live in front of an audience.

"It scares me. My fear comes from feeling like theatre is vocal and physical, and film is all eyes and subtlety. That I can do," explained Lawrence.

The actress is staring in the upcoming film Joy, and her co-star Isabella Rossellini tried to convince her to join the theater community.

"Isabella Rossellini told me that I would love theatre because it's only acting and none of the bulls**t. But if I have to do more than three takes I start to just, like, die. Every time I've said that to somebody from theatre, though, they always say it's completely different every single night," said Lawrence.

Joy is set to be released on Dec 18 and features another team-up with co-star Bradley Cooper and director David O. Russell.



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