Top 10 fresh ideas for your Elf on the Shelf

Tomorrow is December 1. Not terribly important on most calendars, but for parents who participate in the Elf on a Shelf craziness, it's the starting point of needing 24 fresh and fun ideas for the Elf.

Thanks to social media and peer pressure, there is a new standard of where to put the elf. And then taking a picture, posting it and checking back 500 times to see how many likes you get. You also want your kids going to school and talking about how awesome their elf was the night before, so their friends tell their moms how awesome you, I mean the elf, is.

The second biggest problem is finding a spot and items you will not need to use for 24 hours. Some ideas, like drawing in toothpaste in the bathroom, aren't long-term practical. I mean how do the kids wash up and erase what their elf left them? That's just a set up for hysterics!

Credit:Angela Corry, Staff
Credit: Angela Corry, Staff

I have had a tough time being creative with all the goings-on the holidays bring, so on my to do list is to look up some new ideas. I thought I'd share them with you! Here are my favorite kid-friendly ideas.

And for more ideas, as well as naughty ones, check out our Pinterest board.

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