Teresa Tapp Shares Fitness, Exercise and More: Fitness Success in 2016 - Yes You Can!

As an international muscle activation specialist who has had students in America interviewed by People Magazine, on the TODAY Show and on a national TV special aired on PBS networks, I have successfully taught people from all over the world how to achieve results that last. From super models, to business executives, to moms at home - my method can definitely improve success. In addition to exercise science, here are some of my secrets to help everyone achieve size loss and improved health benefits.

First of all, grab some paper and a pen or pencil and write down your goals. Texting or typing does not count. The actual process of writing them increases the probability for success as proven in the study on goals by the Dominican University of California psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews.

After writing your list, go to a mirror and say it out loud along with some type of muscle activation. Sounds strange, but it can help. The combination of hearing, seeing and feeling is powerful. I discovered Neuro-Linguistic Programming many years ago; it's one of the reasons my workouts work so well.

Then each morning, while looking in the mirror, look for 3 positives and say thank you for each one out loud and add in that you know your body has the ability to repair and rebuild. In addition to increasing endorphins and establishing a positive mind set, gratitude can help your body in many ways.

Next, be mindful about your posture. In addition to shoulders back aligned with hips, stretch the distance between your ribs and hips by pressing your hands against your thighs with pinkie fingers down and thumbs up. Then inhale big and exhale bigger without lowering your ribs. Optimizing distance between ribs and hips not only helps you look better, it also helps your body function better. And last, but not least, add to your list to do mindful movement throughout your day. In addition to activating more muscles on the inside, mindful movement can help your body achieve faster results on the outside.

Here are my top 8 fitness tips to look and feel great in 2016:

  1. Keep your ribs up and shoulders back at all times for optimal posture
  2. Keep your thumbs forward with pinkie fingers touching your thighs
  3.  Lift your toes up, hold 8 counts, relax and repeat at least 4 times a day while sitting or standing
  4. When standing, shift your weight back into your heels
  5. When walking, keep your toes forward - don't walk with feet aiming outward
  6. Push, press or pull with your fingers or feet and hold for a few seconds at least once an hour for isometric activation
  7. Dry brush your body every day - exercising your skin is important & helps your skin tighten while you are losing sizes
  8. Do some type of aerobic exercise for 2 minutes, like jumping jacks or hoe downs, at least twice a day to increase your heart rate, burn blood sugar and boost your metabolism

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