Former US president Jimmy Carter announced he is cancer free

Former president Jimmy Carter announced that he is cancer free.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the 91-year-old announced the news while he was getting ready to teach Sunday School at Maranatha Baptist Church.

Jill Stuckey, a friend of Carter’s, said when he made the announcement, “he said he got a scan this week and the cancer was gone.” Everyone in the church reportedly broke into a round of applause at the news.

Upon hearing the news, Carter’s grandson, James, said he “knew he wasn’t really human.”

In August, Carter revealed he had been diagnosed with cancer, which was revealed after he had surgery on his liver. Just days later, he revealed the cancer had spread to his brain and he was receiving radiation treatments.

Carter credited his faith with allowing him to go through the process while “completely at ease.”

He was the 39th president of the United States and since his run, he has done charitable work and even founded the Carter Center.

Back in November, the Carter Center released a statement from doctors who had said there was no evidence new malignant tumors had formed and he was “responding well to treatment.”

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