Wahlberg family's burger chain Wahlburgers opening up to 150 more locations in next five years

The Wahlberg family’s restaurant chain, Wahlburgers, will expand significantly throughout the coming years, CEO Rick Vanzura has announced

Vanzura revealed in an interview with Business Insider the gourmet burger chain will open 100-150 locations over the next five years.

Their 5-year plan is revealed as the company’s sixth location is opening in New York City’s bustling Times Square.

Part of the success of the show, despite its famous owners - Mark, Donnie, and Paul Wahlberg – is their Emmy-nominated reality show that centers on the restaurants and the dynamics of their close family.

"It has certainly been a huge promotional vehicle," Vanzura said of A&E’s Wahlburgers. "We saw an immediate increase in sales with the show. And Mark and Donnie understand the importance of the show to the brand so they have done everything they can to promote the show."

As of now, the Boston-based restaurant chain has five locations in Boston, Toronto, Canada and New York’s Coney Island.

Wahlburgers has been renewed for two more seasons, with 14 episodes each.

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