Teresa Tapp Shares Fitness, Exercise and More: Isometrics for Faster Results

Most of you have heard about isometric activation where you focus to "squeeze" or "tighten" your muscles to improve strength and tone.

Personally I like to create isometric activation with extra focus to increase neuro-kinetic flow ("leverage isometrics") in combination with full fiber activation of multiple muscles with equal tension (T-Tapp Method) and maintain both of these methods while doing large muscle movement. This special combination not only maximizes your body's ability to burn more glucose and fat, it empowers your body to build more muscles with greater density instead of bulk for faster results. Similar to "spanx", this type of muscle development has the ability to cinch-in, tighten and tone quickly with visible results each week.

Best of all, the combination of "leverage isometrics" with T-Tapp Method can be done anywhere, anytime and during any type of activity. It enables everyone the ability to "fit in fitness" in every move they make during the day, at work or play. I really enjoy teaching others how to "sneak in fitness" but honestly, I am forever grateful to the person who taught me about the power of press and pull.

While working as a booker in the modeling industry, I had the opportunity to meet the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine in 1986. When I met Helen Gurley Brown, she was revered as a brilliant business woman, as well as an icon in the fashion industry. She was fit, firm and fabulous with enough wit, sass and brass to hold court with anyone. I was honored that I got to talk with her and soak in her words of wisdom how she stayed fit and firm with no time to work out. Her secret? Isometrics! In addition to calculating calories, she told me that she would press or pull against something every hour during the day while at work. She also told me that if I consistently used isometrics I could look and feel younger than my age, just like her.

So now you know my secret to staying fit, firm and ageless. The power of press and pull, along with T-Tapp Method can also help you FEEL better (higher energy/less aches) LOOK better (inch loss/more tone) and FUNCTION better (decrease blood sugar/improve hormones).

Yes You Can!

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