Mattel’s Barbie gets new body types, shapes

Mattel is giving its iconic Barbie doll a few new shapes and sizes to look more like the everyday woman.

The Associated Press reported that the toymaker announced on Thursday that the plastic doll will now come in tall, curvy and petite. She will also be featured in seven skin tones, 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles.

The Barbie doll has undergone quite a few changes recently to make her more appealing to the diverse group of children that play with her. Her fashion also evolved when just last year, for the first time, Mattel changed her highly arched foot to allow her to fit into flats.

With these changes Mattel is trying to portray more positive and realistic body images for young girls as well as gain back those who have turned to tablets and other electronics over playing with their dolls.

The new Barbie Fashionistas dolls can be viewed on and will be available in stores starting on March 1.

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