MTV Australia gets backlash for insensitive joke about America Ferrera and Eva Longoria at Golden Globes

Golden Globes presenters Eva Longoria and America Ferrera mocked everyone who mixed up Latina actresses, however it completely went over the head of whoever was running MTV Australia’s Twitter page.

After Ferrera was mistaken for Gina Rodriguez on the Golden Globes’ official Twitter page the morning of the nominations last month, Ferrera and Longoria poked fun at it.

"Hi, I'm Eva Longoria, not Eva Mendes," Longoria said, with Ferrera adding, "And hi, I'm America Ferrera, not Gina Rodriguez.”

MTV Australia then attempted a joke, which backfired. They have since deleted it and apologized, People reports.

“Where are the English subtitles?” the account tweeted. “We have no idea what @AmericaFerrera and @EvaLongoria are saying.”

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