Top 10 celebrity predictions for 2016

Celebrities, just like the rest of us, have their ups and downs. Certified Astrologer, Magi Helena, creator of the Star-Timer Calendar - used by Hollywood celebrities and business notables to make their dreams come true in career, love, beauty, and more - says that the ups and downs in every life can be predicted by looking at that person’s Magi Pure Progressions, which can run the gamut from fabulous to horrible.

Fabulous progressions help bring the opportunity to make dreams come true, but the progressions only give us the opening – we still have to do the work to experience success. Horrible progressions can make it very difficult to actualize dreams, but there are always ways we can harness the power of the stars to turn things around.

Here are the top 10 celebs with notable Magi Pure Progressions for 2016:

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