'Total Divas' season 5 episode 2 recap: 'A SummerSlam Engagement'

Everyone on Total Divas this week proved that they are just that…total divas. On the road to Summer Slam, the divas have proven to be nothing but whiny and dramatic. Maybe it’s the stress of the event, or maybe they’re just being a little too sensitive in this episode.

Let’s begin with the most dramatic of the week: Nattie, who was 1,000 times more nervous than her husband TJ  was for his surgery, was a literal mess whenever she spoke about it. TJ himself honestly looked like he couldn't care less, almost as if he were entirely emotionless.

After he makes it out of surgery without issue, it becomes about Nattie again. She feels conflicted and wants to go back to work, believing that if she stays away any longer everyone will forget about her. She gets invited to watch the girls’ match in the audience and then complains how she doesn’t want to watch a match, she wants to be in one. She takes it a step further, complaining how nobody cares about her because they told her she can’t sit in the audience.

Meanwhile, Nikki and John celebrate their three year anniversary. And of course Nikki had to bring up marriage and kids. Finally (literally, finally) a gleam of hope arose when John said that he would in fact love to marry her and that he loves her more then anyone in his entire life…  And then he ruined it by saying he’s afraid that if they got married then she would want children and he wouldn't want her to sacrifice that dream for him. Nikki knows where John stands…heck, everyone who watches the show knows John will never want kids.

Oddly enough, for a man who never wants children, John sure does care about them a lot. The wrestler recently celebrated his 500th Make A Wish, which in itself is remarkable. But of course Nikki had to turn it into a whine fest about what a great dad he would make to Brie instead of really appreciating all that he does for children that aren’t even his.

It might just be me, but as much as I wanted to hate Foxie and Paige for being immature and childish in this episode, I couldn't hate the two funniest, realest girls on the show.  In this episode, Paige wanted to sneak two of her friends into the hair and makeup room. Foxie tipped her off that someone told her that they didn’t want Paige’s friends or any extra hair and makeup people. Paige instantly got angry and texted Leslie, who runs hair and makeup, leading Foxie to get annoyed at Paige for selling her out.

During the match, Foxie thought Paige brought personal issues into the ring when she played possum to make Foxie look bad, but Paige claimed she needed that time to breathe during the match. She did take several hits from Nikki, so it sounds pretty logical. Foxie then unfollowed Paige off all social media and Paige honestly didn't know why because she felt she didn't do anything wrong.

What happened next is what makes them so great. Paige approaches Foxie, who tells Paige her feelings were hurt because she said something to Leslie and then took it into the ring. And Paige just apologizes; she doesn’t continue to argue. They tell each other they suck and that they love each other…every time they fight.

However, the strangest thing to occur in the episode was when Summer Rae comforted Nattie for feeling down about being out of the ring. Summer Rae told her that when she thinks of women in WWE, Nattie is the first person she thinks of because she was one of the first and best. How sweet and yet so unlike Summer Rae.

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