Eli Manning explains reaction to Peyton Manning's Super Bowl win

Giants quarterback Eli Manning’s reaction to his older brother, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, winning the second Super Bowl of his 18-year football career shocked viewers.

When the Denver Broncos scored a touchdown with just 3:08 left on the clock, cameras panned over the screaming Manning family members. They paused on Eli, staring blankly into space with a crushed look on his face.


The Internet quickly blew up because of Eli’s priceless reaction. Originally, many thought he was upset because he no longer had the one up on brother Peyton, losing his bragging rights.

On Feb. 8, Eli finally cleared the air and explained the real reason he was making such a face.

“I was just focused on whether they'd go for two and the defense had to step up and make some stops,” Eli told a TMZSports reporter on camera.

Eli chuckled, thinking about all of the memes flooding the internet that have been created with his face. “It’s all good stuff," he said.

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