Katie Holmes does her best Beyonce imitation with Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show'

Katie Holmes appeared on The Tonight Show on Feb. 9, where she showed Jimmy Fallon her best Beyonce moves.

The actress was telling Fallon about what she did for the Super Bowl, saying she took her daughter Suri to a cooking class then to the museum. However, one thing she didn’t miss was the half time show.

Holmes took a detour to her friend’s apartment, where they all stood in front of the television and watched Beyonce. "We all stood in front of her TV in her apartment like, 'Oh my god she did not!'” she explained.

She then did a little impersonation of Beyonce’s dance moves, but she did some more with some encouragement from Fallon.

“You have to flip it even if you don't have it,” she said while flipping her hair.

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