Lauren Conrad faces lawsuit over photos of surfing dogs

Surfing dogs are cute, a lawsuit not so much.

On Feb. 5, TMZ reported that Lauren Conrad is being sued by photo agency Incredible Features, Inc. The reasoning dates back to October 2014, when the reality TV star allegedly used their images in a blog post without permission.

The pictures under investigation are of two adorable dogs wearing life vest and surfing in the ocean.

In the documents, Incredible Features Inc. says, "In the dog eat dog world of online content ... Lauren Conrad, a sophisticated website operator, is cognizant of the value of high-quality photography," according to TMZ.

The case brings up the fact that Conrad’s website is a “commercial enterprise through which Conrad shills her Kohl's clothing line amongst other things," and not simply a blog.

Incredible Features wants the star to remove the images from her website and return any of the earnings she made from their pictures.

So far Conrad has not spoken out about the litigation. The former The Hills star has a known love for dogs, and frequently posts photos of her dogs on Instagram.

Here comes trouble! Guess whose Halloween costumes just arrived ????!

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