Lionsgate hires writers for eighth 'Saw' film, 'Saw: Legacy'

Six years after the supposedly "final chapter," Lionsgate is officially bringing back Saw.

According to The Tracking Board, the studio has just hired Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger to write the horror series' eighth installment, which has been titled Saw: Legacy. Stolberg and Goldfinger have previously collaborated on Sorority Row and Piranha 3D. Saw veterans James Wan and Leigh Whannell will return as executive producers.

Story details are being kept under wraps, but the title suggests this probably won't be a complete reboot and will instead follow in the same canon as the first seven movies. After all, Jigsaw couldn't exactly have a "legacy" if the storyline were being reset. Fans will recall that Dr. Gordon was revealed as Jigsaw's apprentice at the end of Saw: The Final Chapter, so could Legacy perhaps feature Gordon as the series' new villain? Or will Lionsgate want to retool things a bit to bring in new fans who haven't followed the franchise's complicated mythology?

Back in 2014, producer Oren Koules revealed to Shock Till You Drop that an eighth film was on the way. He said that their goal was to have something ready to show at Comic-Con 2016Considering how quickly these movies usually come together, that does not seem out of the realm of possibility.

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