Mattel debuts lesbian, soccer player Barbie in honor of Abby Wambach

Toymaker Mattel has debuted its newest Barbie and she was modeled after U.S. Women’s soccer star Abby Wambach.

Pink News noted that Kim Culmone of Barbie Global unveiled the new doll during a conference celebrating businesswomen.

“We believe play is important… and that’s for a very good reason. Play is a way that a girl goes on her own personal journey of self-discovery,” Culmone said. “That’s a journey sparked by inspiration – and that’s our job as the current leaders. Play is the way they learn to push the boundaries of possibility, and discover their own limitless potential. Makers and Barbie are really thrilled to honour a woman who’s redefined what’s possible through her own effort, her bravery, and her accomplishment. I want you to meet the Abby Wambach doll. This doll will inspire young girls to be as incredible as the woman who has inspired us all.”

As we previously reported, Mattel has been making big changes with the iconic Barbie dolls recently to more accurately reflect the everyday girl.

After checking out the doll made in her likeness Wombach said, “I know about playing with Barbies who may or may not have looked like I felt – and I feel like this is a really impactful statement. It just proves we really are getting somewhere.”




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