Must Watch Videos: Reba McEntire, Troye Sivan, Zayn Malik

The weekend is over and everyone is about to enter into recovery mode. It's now back to the reality of work and school. But while you are going through the weekly routine, why not check out the most popular, unique and entertaining music videos featured on YouTube? From country to pop to artists you haven’t heard of yet, this countdown has got it covered. We do the work and research the top ten best music videos to watch this week so you don’t have to.

This countdown features the brand new music video from former One Direction member Zayn Malik, who is desperate to make a new introduction into the music scene as a solo artist. Malik brought along model Gigi Hadid to help bring his “Pillowtalk” video to life. Will One Direction fans embrace him as a solo artist, or have too many bridges been burned already? This video will be a good indication of what kind of career Malik may have ahead of him.

This week also featured some musical legends and up and coming artists releasing brand new music. Country star Reba McEntire released a new single that proves why she is one of the greatest singers in country music today and Sia is proving why she is one of the most talented artists in modern pop music with her new album, This is Acting.

What are you watching this week and what is your favorite video on this countdown? Let us know which music videos you are watching and which is your favorite video out of our top ten recap.

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