'Substantial lock' of John Lennon’s hair goes up for auction

A piece of John Lennon’s hair that was cut from his head nearly 50 years ago is going up for auction.

The “substantial lock” of the late former Beatle’s hair is being auctioned off by Heritage Auctions. The hair was obtained from German hairdresser Klaus Baruck, who cut Lennon’s hair during the filming of Richard Lester’s 1967 war comedy How I Won The War. The hair was cut from Lennon’s head on Sept. 7, 1966, a month after The Beatles’ Revolver was released.

The lot also includes two newspaper clippings from Germany’s Bild newspaper about the haircuts. (Yes, apparently Beatles getting haircuts was news in those days.)

There are still 11 days left to bid on the piece of hair and it is already up to $12,000.

Heritage is also auctioning off a photo signed by Lennon in 1966, which is now up to a more affordable $1,300. Or, if you have even more disposable funds, you can get a photo signed by all four Beatles in 1964 that’s currently at $20,000.

Lennon lived from 1940-1980.

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