Shirley Temple's rare blue diamond ring up for auction

American icon, Shirley Temple’s fancy blue diamond ring is going up for auction.

On April 19, Sotheby’s auction house in New York City will be auctioning off the ring as part of their 300 piece “Magnificent Jewels” collection. The estimated pre-sale price is between $25 million and $35 million.


The Rare Shirley Temple Blue Diamond is an amazing 9.54 carats, surrounded by smaller diamonds. “American’s Little Darling” wore the gorgeous jewel for decades up until her death in Feb. of 2014, at 85 years old.

"This was a treasured piece of jewelry that she wore and enjoyed her entire life," said Frank Everett, the sales director for Sotheby's jewelry department, on NBC News.

The ring was a gift from Temple’s father, George, for her 12th birthday and on the premiere date of her film The Blue Bird, in 1940.

At the time, it cost $7,210.  Today, it would cost $121,810 with inflation, according to People.



According to, Everett the ring was sold to a private buyer by Temple’s estate after her passing. That buyer is now putting it up for auction. It is being sold in its original platinum and diamond setting, along with a gold setting that Temple made for it.


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