This Swedish woman looks exactly like Adele (Photos)

Adele has a long lost twin - or at least that’s what it looks like. A 22-year-old woman from Sweden looks exactly like the British singer.

Makeup guru Ellinor Hellborg claims she didn’t realize the strong resemblance until others started pointing it out.

"I had thought about looking similar to Adele before, noticing small similarities in our profiles, but I didn't really think anything of it until people on Instagram started commenting on it,” Hellborg told The Mirror.

With bright blue eyes, gold locks and fair skin, Hellborg transforms herself into Adele with her signature cat-eye. The similarity is striking.

"Of course Adele is very beautiful so naturally I take it as a compliment,” Hellborg said.

Hellborg’s internet fame is very similar to that of Konrad Annerud, the 21-year-old model who looks just like actor Leonardo DiCaprio – and also happens to be from Sweden. Who knows, maybe Hellborg will make a career out of her star-like looks just like Annerud.


Embracing the fact that my cut crease look turned into adele-inspired look 2.0

A photo posted by @ellinorhellborg on

A photo posted by @ellinorhellborg on

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