Tonight on TV: Tuesday, April 19 edition

Tonight on TV for April 19 has even more new shows for you! After a break, The Flash will return to the CW tonight as Barry Allen prepares to fight Zoom while on CBS, NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans return with more exciting episodes before the season finale of Limitless. We’re getting closer to the finales, so let’s see what will be new tonight to prepare us for the end of the season in the next few weeks.



While McGee is busy apartment hunting, the team must track down two British prisoners who escaped custody with the help of FBI and Homeland Security.

NCIS: New Orleans

The team is asked to take a break in protocol after a navy lieutenant is found dead at a general’s hotel during a secret visit.


The first of two parts of the season finale finds the FBI and Department of Justice making a desperate search to find a lab that is working in the production of NZT, which has been making its way to the streets.


The Voice

One of the top 12 finalists will be eliminated after votes from America.

Chicago Med

While Dr. Choi faces a test after dealing with an erratic patient, Dr. Manning is concerned about how a boy obtained a broken wrist.

Chicago Fire

Casey tries to use politics in order to fix an incident involving gang retribution while Holloway is aided while working undercover.


New Girl

While Jess tries to use a male alter ego in order to obtain a car from a sexist salesman, Schmidt and CeCe are concerned over Winston bringing his girlfriend, who is a prankster, to their wedding. Two new episodes will air tonight.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Holt’s life may be in danger during the team’s investigation into a hitman.

The Grinder

Dean and Stewart’s mother makes a surprise appearance while Dean Sr. is ready to begin dating again.


The Real O’Neals

Eileen finds the ladies in her book club are more than ready to open up about what is going on in their lives while Pat goes with Kenny to a gay dodgeball match.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Secret Warriors are on a mission thanks to Agent Daisy Johnson and everyone at S.H.I.E.L.D. is distrustful after the reveal of Hive’s powers.

Beyond the Tank

Three businesses include Hamboards, Original Runner and RuckPack.


The Flash

Barry wants to reopen the breaches so he can stop Zoom once and for all.


In the pilot episode, a quarantine is placed in Atlanta after a mysterious disease appears suddenly.



A woman who Kirsten stitches into was brainwashed into killing a director and Camille deals with an unplanned reunion.

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