Tonight on TV: Wednesday April 27

In the last week of Wednesday night TV before May sweeps, there is not a lack of drama or comedy. CW dramas like Supernatural and Arrow return and The Goldbergs is airing an '80s special.


Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Tai deals with the aftermath of betraying his alliance and not playing his immunity idol, while the remaining seven contestants fight for rewards and immunity.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

There is no new episode of Criminal Minds, but Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders heads to Mexico to find and question a man after his wife is found dead on vacation.



While Law & Order: SVU and Chicago PD do not return until May 4, Heartbeat brings the drama when Alex, Jesse and Millicent try to save a patient who needs a heart transplant after a car accident.



Rosewood and Villa have to team up with a rival private pathologist after two bodies and a sum of cash wash up on the Miami shore.


While Hakeem debates his involvement with Anika’s child, Lucious continues his campaign to be CEO of Empire again with a fundraiser.


ABC’s comedy block is stronger than ever with new episodes of The Middle and Black-ish.

Additionally, The Goldbergs is airing a special called The Goldbergs: 80s Rewind to celebrate the show with bloopers, behind-the-scenes looks and more.



Deacon and Rayna continue to try to get through to an angry Maddie, while Juliette works on her relationship with Avery.

The CW


While everyone is dealing with the aftermath of Laurel’s death, there is a Black Canary spotting that implies she might not actually be gone.


Sam and Dean head to a small Colorado town to try and figure out the cause of reoccurring disappearances.


The Americans

Philip and Elizabeth work with the FBI to try and find Martha, who recently took off.

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