Teresa Tapp shares fitness, exercise and more: Everything in moderation

I think it is great that more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that the human body is not designed to do anything in excess. Our bodies are always aiming to achieve balance (homeostasis) whether it be hormones, pH acid/alkalinity levels or muscle structure and function. So when the New York Times released an article about how all of the contestants on the The Biggest Loser not only gained most of their weight back, but their metabolisms were worse than before, I was not surprised. Its extreme approach of excessive exercise in combination with extreme calorie restriction is absurd. It isn't educational, practical or even possible to duplicate at home.

What was surprising to me, though, was that their metabolic rate did not improve with losing weight, it actually DECREASED and NEVER improved even after their bodies returned to what they originally weighed. All of this substantiates what I have always believed. The simplistic approach of calories in vs. calories out is not the primary secret to success for weight loss that stays lost. I have always believed that balancing biochemistry and bio-mechanics with focus on function, as well as fitness are vital pieces of the puzzle in the overall picture of losing weight without losing metabolic function.

T-Tapp Workouts focus on using full fiber activation of multiple muscles and fascia, as well as leverage isometrics to develop muscles with greater density. This type of muscle activation, along with focus on body alignment during movement, provides cardiac conditioning, balances muscle imbalance (strength/flexibility), improves brain-body kinetic connection and decreases inflammation. I my opinion, these are the primary tools needed to achieve lasting weight loss without losing metabolic function.

My approach has always been about inch loss, not weight loss, because inch loss matters more.

While working in the fashion industry I discovered that no one really cares what a model weighs. Their measurements and how the clothes fit determine whether or not they get the job. Besides, a body with muscle tone looks better in clothes regardless of size. Plus, muscles with long fiber density have greater ability to cinch-in, tighten and tone. That's why it is possible for someone to lose up to 2 sizes in 4 weeks with T-Tapp but only lose 5 - 7 pounds. Best of all, more muscles with full fiber density also help improve skin tone. That's why it is possible for someone to lose over 100 pounds with T-Tapp along with CRT body brushing and be able to keep it off without having loose Shar-Pei skin.

Here is a sample success story of someone over age 50 who lost over 100 pounds without loose skin and has kept it off for over 3 years.

Last of all, I believe in the power of positive. In fact, it's one of the reasons I say "Yes You Can" all the time. One thing's for sure a negative outlook or approach to achieving anything, especially weight loss, does not help. So if you are in the position of wanting to lose weight remember that the human body is an amazing machine designed to look, feel and function best when in balance. And it has the power to rebuild and repair regardless of age or fitness level. Instead of the typical approach of eating less and exercising more, why not take the approach of "Quality vs. Quantity." Quality, nutritious food instead of processed diet food with X number of calories along with Mindful Movement (maximizing muscle activation throughout the day) instead of mindless exercise designed to burn X number of calories per hour.

Remember, "Yes You Can"! It's NEVER too late to look and feel better the rest of your life!

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