Top 10 reasons why 'Outlander's' Jamie Fraser is our ginger-haired knight in kilted-armor

Jaime Fraser, Sam Heughan

Outlander’s Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) isn’t your typical dreamy, swashbuckling heartthrob.  Yes, he is unbelievably strapping, brawny, brave and absolutely beautiful.  He is a true and loyal Scot who can rock a kilt with his red mop of hair flowing in the wind. He can ride a horse with elegance and style. He can brandish a sword with finesse. His love for his woman, family and friends is pure.

But there is more to him.

Jamie is also kind, sensitive, fair, and is always good for a drink and a laugh.

But then there is yet another side of him — the rash and impetuous side.  He sometimes says and does stupid things that still end up being a little more endearing than exasperating.  That’s because when he makes a mistake, he puts his whole body and soul into it.  Diana Gabaldon created him to have more layers than a Scottish Trifle.  This season, he seems to be wearing too many layers of clothing most of the time, much to the dismay of fans. We really need to see that amazing body more often! However, we love him because he is more than a beauty.  He is a rich and complicated man who seems, like he would be a hero in any time period.

Sam Heughan (as Jamie Fraser)
Credit: Starz

Here are 10 reasons why Jaime Fraser is our hero:

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