‘Big Brother 18’ season premiere recap: Part 1

It’s summertime which means it's time for a new season of Big Brother. BB’s leading lady Julie Chen welcomes us to a new season and explains to us the usual rules for the game that will consume our lives for the next three months. Chen tells us during the two night premiere, we will have four competitions, three twists and one houseguest will be evicted. That is how you start a season!

It is time to meet the 12 new houseguests. Natalie, the very attractive event coordinator. Bronte, the math tutor from California with quite the annoying voice. Paulie is a DJ and happens to be the older brother of Cody from BB16. Victor is a gym manager from New Orleans. Corey is a baseball coach that sleepwalks. This could make for some interesting moments.

Zakiyah is a preschool teacher who refers to herself as the “bad bitch.” She is ready to play. Glenn is the retired detective/dog groomer and is 50 years old. It’s been a while since we have had someone that old play the game. Bridgette is a traveling nurse and Jozea is a celebrity makeup artist. Tiffany is the sister of Vanessa from BB17. She looks identical to Vanessa. Paul plays in a rock band and Michelle is a registered dietitian.   

We are going to have plenty of showmance’s this season. My early favorites are Natalie, Victor and Michelle. “The craziest summer vacation of all time,” Chen says as she lets Natalie, Victor, Michelle and Paul be the first four HG to enter. My three early favorites all enter together. The next four HG to enter are Bronte, Zakiyah, Paulie and Glenn. They are followed by Corey, Tiffany, Jozea and Bridgette. It’s always fun to see them all come inside, meet each other, make awkward conversations and immediately start studying each other. We are doing the usual meet and greet when Chen calls them all together. She tells them they are about to encounter three major game twists. Chen tells them the first twist involves four “stowaways” hidden in the house. These have to be the former houseguests coming back to play. 

Nicole from BB16 is the first “stowaway” to emerge. I like Nicole. She can play a great social game. The next one is … Country Asian!! James is back! He was one of my favorites last season. The next one is Da’Vonne aka Mama Day. Why? I couldn’t stand her. I really hope she doesn’t have an extended stay. The final former HG is Frank from BB14. He cut his hair and “grew up” a bit. You quickly get the feeling that it is going to turn into veterans vs. rookies this season. The rookies promise to stick together and take out the veterans. 

The HG meet again in the living room for twist No. 2. We find out that everyone will be playing the game in teams. I’m torn about this twist. We head outside for the first competition and they split up the four veterans. Each veteran picks a teammate from the opposite sex and this continues until everyone is picked. The teams end up being:

  1. Frank, Michelle, Paulie and Bridgette.
  2. James, Natalie, Victor and Bronte (my favorite team) 
  3. Da’Vonne, Paul, Zakiyah and Jozea (my least favorite)
  4. Nicole, Corey, Tiffany and Glenn

“Ride the Rocket” is the first competition which has prizes including safety, cash and punishment. The last team standing is safe through two evictions. Second place gets cash, third place gets a mystery punishment and the first full team eliminated are the first Have Nots of the season. The HG also find out that someone will be evicted within the first two nights! Shocker. The teams have to hang on to the rocket for as long as they can. HG are dropping like flies through this competition. Da’Vonne’s team are the first Have Nots of the season. Ouch. It comes down to Victor, Corey and Paulie in the final three. In a close competition, Victor is able to outlast them and James’ team remains safe for the first two weeks. I’m okay with this result. Team James! 

We are preparing for another competition and the rookies still plan to take out the veterans. I think even though they are playing teams, the veterans know they have targets on their backs. We then go through the process of naming the teams. Frank’s team is Category4, Nicole’s team are the Freakazoids. Da’Vonne’s team is Big Sister (interesting). James’ team name is Unicorn. I literally have no clever comment for this. 

Julie Chen returns and calls the HG back to the living room. The next competition is called “Hit the Road” and it will have three rounds. The winner of round 1 will be safe. Round 2 will have the final two teams play and the losing team must play against each other in round 3, with the loser being the first person evicted! The remaining three from that team will compete to be the first HOH of the season. This competition just became EXTREMELY important. “I’m going to vomit,” says Nicole.

“Hit the Road” begins and the team’s goal is to build a 15 piece sandcastle pyramid. Three people try to balance the platform while one person at a time grabs a puzzle piece. This competition involves some serious focus and balance. In a close challenge, Category4 (Frank’s team) gets the win and gains safety for two weeks. It is down to Big Sister (Da’Vonne’s team) and Freakazoids (Nicole’s team).

It is the first episode and Da’Vonne is crying. Seriously. Why did we bring her back? I can only hope Big Sister loses and they eliminate her early. Round 2 of the competition involves puzzles again. They have to build a sandcastle as a team. These teams struggle through the competition and their teamwork is tested. In a close race unfortunately Big Sister wins round 2 which means someone from the Freakazoids team is going home. I’m predicting that either Nicole or Glenn will be the first HG eliminated.

We have the first individual competition tomorrow night. Who will be the first HG evicted? Who will become the first HOH of the season?

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